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Electronic Arts, a creator and publisher of online games has announced that its casual gaming web site Pogo.com has joined hands with Dr.Kathleen Hall and the Stress Institute, in an effort to raise awareness among college students about the positive impact that casual games could have on stress management.

Nowadays, the issue of stress has become even more amplified, as students prepare for their exams. In fact, most will not know that stress can hamper one’s performance in exams, making students anxious, irritable and depressed. They could possibly even suffer from memory loss and insomnia.

In fact, according to The Stress Institute, students who take a break from studying and clear the mind with activities like playing casual gamers are less likely to experience stress during tests.

In fact, playing casual games such as those available at Pogo.com provide the much-needed mental breaks, reduce the amount of stress and help to restore the mind and body connection.

Here are some additional tips that The Stress Institute has provided to help one to de-stress:

  • Laugh and Play: Laughter has been scientifically proven to reduce stress hormones and release endorphins. Laughter and play boost the immune function and can aid in disease prevention. Go online and play a game or watch a funny video to take a mental break and play.
  • Breathe: Most people take shallow breaths while stressed. This can starve the body and brain of oxygen. Be sure to take deep breaths before starting a test.
  • Exercise: Exercise produces endorphins that helps lower stress. Walk around the block before the test.
  • Find a Community: Many people feel isolated and experience test taking as harsh competition. View fellow test takers as a team. Go online and find a community that you connect with, even if not directly related to the test to avoid feeling isolated.
  • Eat Well: Eat foods with B-6 such as sweet potatoes, rice and tuna that help produce serotonin. Another way to aid with depression and stress is eating foods rich in Omega 3. Try eating white fish three times a week and you may want to take Omega 3 supplements to help your mood.
  • Here is what Dr.Kathleen Hall had to say on the ever-growing issue of stress, “Research shows blood pressure was found to be significantly elevated two weeks before college examinations, compared with post examination levels. These findings suggest college related factors such as test taking can influence the cardiovascular stress response in students. Taking short breaks from the stress of college examinations to practice stress reduction techniques can reset your thermostat and help you perform better and stay healthy during exam season.”

    Vice President of Pogo Marketing, Beatrice Spaine, said, “Pogo is an online game destination where college or high school students can come to take a mental break from studying with games such as the Poppit! Stress Buster or Tumble Bees. They are easy to pick up and play and can be a fun break from the serious tone and pressure of studying.”

    So why not take that much-needed break and log on to a casual gaming site like Pogo.com to set your mind and body free!