iPhone, Happy Face After reaching the milestone of 1.5 billion downloads, the Apple App Store has now come up with a latest application called “Live Happy.” This application was jointly developed by Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor of psychology at UC Riverside, and author of the book, “The How of Happiness”; along with Signal Patterns, the developers of psychology-based Web and mobile applications.

This unique application, which is based on Lyubomirsky’s book, is stated to be first of its kind. This is noted to act like a guide that will assist users to go through a variety of routine activities which may boost their short and long term happiness.

Apparently, in order to become more satisfied and happy, an individual may need to make deliberate attempts to promote positive and grateful thinking, live in the present and invest in relationships. Apart from this, they may also have to take deliberate actions to pursue important goals in life and also avoid negative thinking.

Lyubomirsky is noted to mainly study what makes one happy, how people can continue and increase their happiness, and also what are the benefits of having a more positive outlook towards life.

Now, the latest inclusion to the iPhone applications is noted to assist people in engaging in simple activities, which may in turn aid them in improving their overall outlook. Some of these activities include maintaining a gratitude journal, expressing gratitude directly, reminiscing happy days, goal setting/evaluating/tracking, nurturing relationships, remembering acts of kindness, and visualizing one’s best possible self, among others activities.

iPhone users, while using this unique application may be prompted to express their gratitude by e-mailing or text messaging someone on their contact list, or they may be asked to practice savoring the moment by clicking a picture. Such prompts are believed to not only help users regularly gauge their happiness level, but may also aid them in identifying the happiness strategies which are best suitable for them.

Notably, the “Live Happy” application has been build on traditional happiness programs, which earlier were only found in books. With its advanced ability to text message, e-mail, take photos and write notes, this application is noted to have provided a comprehensive program that connects users on an interactive platform. These users may be able to use this application whenever and wherever that they go.

More so, a free version of this application, which supports restricted activities, is also believed to be available for download.