Text Soy IsoflavonesSoybean isoflavones are believed to be very beneficial for humans. It may not only reduce cancer risk but also ease menopausal symptoms. An additional advantage of isoflavones has apparently been identified in the following study. Scientists from the University of California-Davis claim that these estrogen-like substances referred to as soybean isoflavones improve bone health.

A three year study was undertaken to determine if isoflavones extracted from soy protein can guard postmenopausal participants against bone loss. Study subjects were given a placebo tablet or a tablet containing one of two moderate amounts of the isoflavones around 80 mg or 120 mg. Marta D. Van Loan who is an Agricultural Study Service (ARS) physiologist and colleagues were unable to report an extreme positive effect on avoiding bone loss.

But after considering lifestyle factors, patients consuming 120 mg treatment displayed limited benefits. The authors assume that body’s response to isoflavones brought out from soy proteins can differ from responses to isoflavones in their natural form of soy protein or soy foods, or in a soy-protein supplement. It is also affirmed that specific soy-protein compound not soy-protein compound can trigger bone-protecting effects noted in prior investigations. The third acceptance is that the isoflavone doses employed in the latest study may not be high enough to develop a bone-sparing effect.

The study is published in the July 2010 issue of Agricultural Study magazine.