BGU Students Earlier this month, BYU engineering students had crafted an all-in-one eye-tracking tablet that assisted people with disabilities. To further raise the bar of innovation, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev software engineering students have now introduced a unique technology that could allow people to operate a computer without using a keyboard or mouse, only their brainwaves. The novel device may have major implications for those physically disabled.

In this technology, a helmet equipped with 14 EEG connect points is put to use. These points reportedly sense brain activity. The newly invented technology supposedly benefits those who are physically disabled and might otherwise be unable to manipulate a computer mouse or keyboard. The team of students has already developed the prototype application.

Dr. Rami Puzis and colleagues have also sent a hands-free e-mail using only thought combined with the adaptive hardware for the purpose of demonstration. Additional investigations will be undertaken to benefit the disabled. The technology released in this research apparently has great significance in the health world.

The prototype application was created under the supervision BGU Prof. Mark Last, Dr. Rami Puzis, Prof. Yuval Lovitz and Dr. Lior Rokah.