UMC Logo Treating a fractured hip has just got simpler, thanks to the following discovery. With a highly innovative approach, scientists from the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht have developed a new type of implant that effectively repairs a fractured hip. This implant dubbed as the Gannet hip fracture system appears extremely beneficial in the health-space.

In order to test its safety and efficacy, authors monitored 25 patients for two years after they had received the new implant. While 23 cases of the fractured hip reported successful treatment, a further operation was required in only 2 patients. It was then concluded that the unique implant may be a promising alternative to current treatment.

Investigators elucidate that the implant empowers the broken head of the femur to be connected with the thigh bone through a flat metal plate. This metal plate may be further extended by two anchoring pins which fixate onto the head of the femur. The Gannet system can be apparently driven into place without screwing in by a surgeon. This presumably restricts rotational damage to the hip joint and also declines the risk of problems with blood flow.

Surgeon Herbert Roerdink and colleagues also believe that this new technology is more quick and easy to implant than the traditional one.