Having eggs for breakfast may sound like a good choice for many, but cereals are equally preferred. However, a study reported by professionals at the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has shown that having eggs in the morning is likely to keep the stomach full for a longer time.

This tidbit could come as good news to those trying hard to lose weight. In the study that was conducted, it was observed that people who ate eggs during breakfast did not feel hungry for a long time and ate less food at lunch. This effect did not seem apparent among those who consumed cereals in the morning.

Tracy Parker, BHF Heart Health Dietitian, cited, ‚ÄúThis finding could help people who are trying to lose weight or stop snacking. It shows the quality of protein in your diet, rather than the quantity, can affect how full you feel.”

Moreover, this practice of eating eggs for breakfast should restrain individuals from consuming snacks in the time between breakfast and lunch. This is very important in terms of obesity as mid-morning snacking is apparently linked to weight gain.

Presented at the European Congress on Obesity, the study was very restricted as it did not explore the effects of poultry, fish or lean meat on the diet schedule of participants. Another point noted by the scientists is that frying and adding cheese or butter to eggs may not be beneficial. Boiling or poaching should work better in terms of a healthy diet, they say.