VoluMedic 3D Software Media Studio Graz, a leading developer of custom LightWave plugins and 3D graphics software in association with Safe Harbor and NGC Corporation, has announced the launch of the first medical software based on a commercial 3D application, VoluMedic for LightWave 3D. Volumedic is actually an add-on for LightWave 3D, the award winning 3D software from NewTek. This software can be utilized in medical visualization, material science, forensic animation and even in astronomy.

VoluMedic allows animators to turn any sequence of images into a volumetric object that can then be rendered with VoluMedic’s extremely fast software volume rendering in the highest and to-date unseen quality.

“We are very excited about finally releasing VoluMedic to the public,” said Elmar Moelzer, Product Developer for VoluMedic. “This software represents over 4 years of research and development from a team of programmers, medical doctors and 3D artists. The combined power of VoluMedic and LightWave3D brings – for the first time in history – professional medical imaging to the high-end 3D animation market.”

VoluMedic enhances LightWave3D with the following features:

  • VoluMedic can import data from virtually any biomedical imaging modality (including MRI, SPECT, PET, CT, ultrasound, and digital microscopy). The powerful Importer provides direct and automatic support for reading most standard computer image and picture formats, including the DICOM standard for radiological images and the very popular Analyze format. Unknown data formats can be imported as well through RAW-data import. Support for additional image formats can be added via LightWave3D-Image-I/O-plug-ins.
  • Preprocessing of image data is possible through VoluMedic’s Slice Editor.
  • This powerful tool allows interactive pre segmentation, rotation, scaling and cropping of volumetric datasets.
  • VoluMedic’s “Scalar Object” volume objects offer a wide and comprehensive toolset for segmentation and coloring as well as settings to help defining the look in the final rendering.
  • The integration with LightWave’s Preset Shelf allows users to apply previously made settings and to store settings for later use.
  • A simpler version of the “Scalar Object” object control panel is also available, giving new users an easy start