Cipla Logo with AIDS Ribbon Cipla has launched a breakthrough combination of three HIV/AIDS drugs, called Viraday. This new once-a-day drug Viraday would help the HIV infected persons in effectively treating the dreaded disease by taking just one tablet a day. Viraday is a combination of three anti-HIV drugs including efavirenz 600 mg, tenofovir 300 mg and emtricitabine 200mg.

A single tablet of Viraday could provide all the medicine required for an HIV infected persons to deal with the viral load so the person need not take three separate medicines.

This treatment is not only less troublesome, but could be taken even when the HIV infected person is taking medicine for tuberculosis which is not the case otherwise.

On Thursday, Cipla became the first company to launch the combination drug in India. This combination is drug was earlier available only in the United States and European countries.

However, the cost of this combination therapy in the US and Europe is Rs 52,800 per month while Cipla has made it available here at just Rs 5200 per month.

The toxicity of this combination drug has been found to be lower than the drugs taken individually.

The medical fraternity has long awaited this breakthrough, as it would give a huge boost to adherence-how faithully patients’ stick to the course of treatment advised by the doctor.

This is a vital issue in HIV treatment to prevent the infection from reaching the advanced stage of AIDS, said senior consultant in Internal Medicine at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Dr Nalin Nag.

He said that Viraday is very patient friendly, as it requires just one pill a day and freedom from the severe side effect of many other anti HIV drugs.

The company was the first to introduce innovative treatment kits and the three in one pills that have gone a long way to promote adherence and ease of use.

Viraday with its convenient once a day dosage and accessibility, is Cipla’s most significant achievement.

The company, which is providing HIV/AIDS drugs to majority of African, South Asian, Latin American and many other developing countries, has provided a major role in reducing the price of HIV/AIDS drugs in international market.