Woman smelling Flowers For the beauty conscious in Jaipur, flower therapy is becoming the most sought-after treatment for skin ailments.
Helping people enhance their beauty are parlours and clinics that are offering these therapies.

Be it acne problems or under eye dark circles, flower therapy seems to be the perfect solution.

“We get seven to 10 customers every day,” says Neerja, who owns a skin and beauty clinic here.

“Owing to its natural properties people are opting for this therapy,” says a beautician, Aastha Shinghvi.
Pastes of different flowers are used for different problems.

“For example to remove the dark circles under the eyes the essence of rose and lemon is used,” explains Aastha.
“Flowers are safe and work well for the skin,” says Lata Sharma, who has been taking the therapy for the past few months. A majority of her customers are there for improving their complexion.

“For such clients we boil flowers in water, let the water cool, and then apply the water on their face. The results are fantastic,” she adds.

Flower therapies may cost anything between Rs 150 and Rs 2,000.

Most beauticians believe that it’s not just the flowers, but the combination with other ingredients that does the trick.

“If a client sits in rose water the whole day nothing will happen. It’s our formula that works – the ingredients are natural so the effect is good,” adds Kulsum Malik, another beautician.