Jennifer Mee Jennifer Mee, a teenager in Florida finally took a long breath, after she went on hiccupping continuously for five weeks.

The hiccups stopped around 5:00 pm Wednesday, the St. Petersburg Times daily reported on Thursday.

“Jennifer Mee had a few more spasms, but then she stopped and took her first uninterrupted breaths since … January 23,” the paper stated.

Mee had started hiccupping Jan. 23 close to 50 times a minute and said it only stopped when she was sleeping.

It is yet unknown as to what exactly has cured the 15-year-old girl from the western Florida city of St. Petersburg, who had hiccupped almost uninterrupted for weeks.

Mee had seen an infectious disease specialist, a neurologist, a chiropractor, a hypnotist and an acupuncturist, took prescription medication and tried a patented device designed to stop hiccups, the paper said.

Early Thursday morning, Jennifer said she hiccupped just one more time.

“Right now, my nose is burning and my throat hurts.” But she felt a lot better than she has in weeks, the St. Petersburg Times said.