Fish Oil Supplements Latest British health guidelines say that daily consumption of fish oil supplements could prevent a repeat heart attack.

It has been recommended that cardiac patients consume one gram of omega-3 fatty acids daily in order to reduce the risk of having a repeat attack by up to 45 per cent.

Basically, Omega 3 fatty acids are very important throughout adult life for mental well being but particularly help heart patients and those with arthritis by blocking the body’s response to inflammation. Besides cutting blood fats, and reducing the chances of a blood clot, Omega-3 fatty acids also block dangerous heart rhythms that could be fatal.

However, the guidelines only suggest pills for patients who have had a heart attack in the previous three months and are not getting enough oily fish in their diet.

Experts who are drawing up guidelines for NICE said lifestyle changes were as important as drugs in preventing a recurrence of heart attack. They recommend patients to follow a Mediterranean diet which is typically rich in fruit, vegetables, grains, olive oil and fish.

They would also be given advice on giving up smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, safe drinking levels and exercising for 20 to 30 minutes a day. Cardiac rehabilitation, including advice on diet and exercise, will also be given priority.