ProStrakan logo A British company has developed a gel that the company claims can treat hypogonadism, which is more commonly known as ‘male menopause.’

Hypogonadism is a condition that causes reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, baldness, weight gain, lethargy and irritability.

Also, just like with women who grow less fertile as they grow older, in men too the same happens, with age causing a decline in the production of testosterone, the hormone associated with male libido and sexual dysfunction, as well as muscle mass and strength and bone density.

According to ProStrakan, the company behind the mail menopause gel, 6 to 12% of men over 40 years of age, as well as 91% of men over 80 suffer from this condition.

The colorless gel made by ProStrakan has been named Tostran. It contains 2% synthetic testosterone, which is absorbed through the skin when applied to the shoulders, upper arms and abdomen. The hormone testosterone is then released slowly into the bloodstream.

Trials have dound that normal levels of it are restored in most men in a mtter of hours.

However, boffins have warned that while testosterone replacement therapies (TRTs) can improve libido and erectile dysfunction, some of them also come with side effects, such as acne, skin reactions, headaches and hypertension.