Dreamate Sleep Aid Wrist Device

Do you need to catch up on sleep, but just cannot seem to do it? Its no wonder as today we are plagued with issues such as tension, working in shifts and jet lag, that can disturb your body’s sleep rhythms. Now, with the help of technology, you will be able normalize your biological clock to reduce sleepless nights.

The Dreamate Sleep Aid wristband delivers a comfortable double-frequency micro-massage with the help of a vibration monitor to specific pulse points.

In Chinese tradition, these specific pulse points are called the Sleeping Golden Triangle. Activating these “acupuncture” points promotes blood circulation and enables the person to safely relieve stress and induce sleep more easily.

The Dreamate Sleep Aid device is to be worn on the wrist. It has a black conducive rubber that allows the device to gently make contact with the skin. Since people’s skin resistance varies, you would also have to adjust the output strength to a level comfortable to you.

You will have to keep the Dreamate Sleep Aid device on your wrist for around 30 minutes, after which it powers off automatically.

The Dreamate Sleep Device will set you back of $99, but will guarantee you the best sleep ever.