Cara Heany A 14-year old girl is being kept ‘alive’ due to a bizarre mix of horse and rabbit blood. Antibodies that are drawn from the animals’ blood are giving Cara Heaney, a chance of survival as she fights the deadly bone marrow failure.

In a pioneering effort, doctors are hoping to kick-start the young one’s immune system. They hope to cure the rare illness called aplastic anaemia that she suffers from. This disease affects only one in 200,000 people.

According to Cara’s 41-year old mother, “Without this treatment, Cara would not be alive today. She gets very down, but never moans.”

Cara requires to have a permanent tube through her chest into an artery that delivers vital supplies of blood and medication.

Besides receiving horse antibodies, which are known an immunoglobins, and rabbit-blood products, Cara is also required to have at least one blood transfusion every two weeks, plus platelet replacements weekly.

She will be honored with the Brave Hearts Award and will receive a pink iPod Nano as well as portable DVD player along with the award in Newcastle, England.