man and woman Men have always believed that they are a whole lot smarter than women. Now, a study on this subject has found that while this fact is certainly true, men also have to deal with the fact that they are at the same time more stupid than women!

In the study, scientists measured the IQ of around 2500 brothers and sisters. The study’s participants were tested on subjects such as science, math, English and mechanical abilities.

Even though there were twice as many men as women in the smartest group, there were also twice as many men among the dolts.

One of the study’s authors, Timothy Bates, a professor in psychology at Edinburg University said that the phenomenon may be because men have always been expected to be high achievers and women have been restricted to spend time taking care of their home.

Professor Bates said, “The female development programme may be tilted more towards ensuring survival and the safety of the middle ground.”

This research also tallies with past results that men were more likely than women to receive first class University degrees or thirds, with most women securing the seconds.

It has also been found that men are more ready to take risks when it comes to academics.

Plus, a past study has shown that women are securing more firsts and seconds, while men are continuing to receive more thirds.