Sal Sprinkler

A latest study states that other than reducing blood pressure level, salt reduction has various other positive effects as well. This study was led by Kacie Dickinson of Flinders University, South Australia.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (ASN) spokesperson, Mary Ann Johnson, Ph.D., says that salt reduction has various other health benefits other than reducing blood pressure level.

Dickinson and co-authors state that their study highlights the importance of reducing sodium intake in order to enhance the condition of one’s blood vessels. It also reduces a person’s chance of acquiring cardiovascular diseases. It is stated that cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of disability and death in the U.S.

The study authors proved that sodium reduction is beneficial for those people, having normal blood pressure, or are obese or over weight. They state that the positive effects obtained from sodium reduction started showing results in a few weeks itself.

Johnson concludes that irrespective of an individual’s body weight and blood pressure, reduction in sodium or salt intake provides many positive effects on an individual’s health.

Their study findings are published in the February 2009 issue of the ASN.