IBM logo Technology giant IBM has installed a ‘Human Ability and Accessibility Centre’ at the India Research Lab in New Delhi, India. This centre will introduce new and innovative software solutions to help those people who are differently-abled.

The IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Centre will make technology and other information easily available to people who have visual, cognitive and motor disabilities.

“India faces a growing need for inclusive development that fundamentally depends on addressing social, economic and physical disadvantages and create opportunities for every individual to realize the potential of their abilities,” said Mr.Shanker Annaswamy, IBM Managing Director (India and South Asia).

“Globally, and in India, IBM champions accessibility needs by bringing technologies and innovations that empower the differently-abled and socially disadvantaged through initiatives such as the human ability and accessibility centre,” Mr.Annaswamy continued.

Mr. Shanker also said that IBM had already developed a few modern solutions including easy web browsing for the visually impaired, “WebAdopt2Me” for people with cognitive impairments or low vision, disability simulator “IBM aDesigner”, Hindi speech recognition and English assessment tool “Sensei”.

The IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Centre has decided that it will cater to the needs of different bodies, business houses, academic institutions, research workers and NGOs.

This is a wonderful initiative undertaken by IBM as it will most certainly unleash the value of the untapped talent pool of many differently-abled people. It will also help to contribute to raising the individuals’ over quality of life.