Obese Woman Women who gain weight after being diagnosed with breast cancer could more than double their risk of dying from the disease.

According to data presented at the American Association for Cancer Research’s conference in Philadelphia, the danger is 2.4 times higher for an obese woman than one of normal weight and rises 14 percent for extra weight gain.

The new study involved 4,000 patients taking part in research started in 1988 in three American states by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Boston.

The researchers surveyed about post-diagnosis weight, weight gain, physical activity and diet of the patients and also identified 121 cases of breast cancer-related deaths.

Using Body Mass Index, the scientists found that the risk of dying from breast cancer was nearly 2.4 times that of women classified as having a normal body weight.

Researcher Hazel Nichols said, “Obesity was associated with risk of death even after accounting for age, menopausal status or smoking.”

“Our findings provide additional support for the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight and exercising,” he added.