DanceX 4 Kids While in kindergarten, the only moves children get to do are the little cute actions on poems like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Little Miss Muffet’. When they grow up they get busy with studies, tuitions and home-works. While some still get a chance to enroll themselves in co-curricular activities, the rest tend to become book-worms or couch potatoes. Now get your kid to exercise with the help of a fun dance exercise video if she/he belongs to the latter category.

Kids in Washington D.C. have benefited from such videos coming in DVDs. One such DVD has been released by Washington, D.C.-based fitness expert, Kenn Kihiu. The DVD is titled ‘DanceX 4 Kids’ and it has been reported to motivate kids to get into a healthy and fun mode, something different than the routine of attending tuitions and doing homework. The children who have already experienced the DVD belong to Evergreen Elementary and went on to become Washington State Champions for the Governors Challenge for fitness and mileage.

“I have gotten emails from Mothers who tell me that they have organized their kid’s fitness sleepovers’ that revolve around working out to the DanceX 4 Kids fitness video”, says Kenn, an enthusiast and motivator.

While researches concerning healthy food, good lifestyle habits for kids, all the dos-and-don’ts for being a healthy child, have been conducted all around the world, such a practical and motivating step has hardly ever been taken. Kenn, who himself is known for his high energy and passion for fitness, has taken this step and claims that children will enjoy this over and over as it contains great fitness moves like Hand Jive, Cowboy, John Travolta Point, Disco Rolls, Hug Me/Hold Me, Irish Kicks, the Twist and others.

The DVD contains music tracks from the genres of Disco, Latin, 50’s, Bhangra, Africa, Brazilian Samba, Irish Dance, Classical and Soul from all around the world and ‘simple yet slamming’ athletic dance moves.