Last week we reported as to how obese men were less likely to face Hernia risks, now here’s a new study which observed that the prostate cancer testing methods missed on tumors in obese or overweight people.

The study displayed as to how obesity was a hindrance in prostate cancer screening, even if one had cancer, it was unable to be detected due to obesity. The study involved 535 men who agreed for a free prostate cancer screening program, in these researchers found that obese men were more likely to have relatively low levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA), even when their prostate findings were abnormal.

PSA levels usually go on the rise when a man has prostate cancer, thus PSA testing is considered ideal for testing of this cancer type. However it was found that PSA levels in obese men tend to be relatively low in general, due to which some cancers may be missed or not detected promptly. These latest findings were published in the journal Urology.

In the study it was noticed that out of the 73 percent who were overweight or obese, they had 5 percent lower PSA value, on average as compared to ones who had normal weights. For mildly obese men the difference was 14 percent, and in moderately and severely obese men, the values were 29 percent lower.

If you were happy to hear that you could run away from hernia due to obesity, now think again as behind that fat tummy hides prostate cancer as well. And besides who would prefer a sagging potbelly which invites with it various other ailments.