A new research conducted by the University of Minnesota has revealed that students usually suffering from bad health end up getting bad grades. This implies largely upon students with bad health habits – doping, drinking, etc.

University of Minnesota logoA survey was conducted by the University where more than 9000 students most of whom were under graduates and were inquired about their health and habits.

The students who were found have lower grades than others were also discovered to be suffering from various issues like stress, asthma, injuries or mental illness. The reason to the health issues were mostly smoking, gambling, lack of exercise, lack of proper sleep, drinking and watching too much of television. It has also been found that occasional students too have problems with getting good results in their academic life.

Dr. Ed Ehlinger, Boynton’s director and lead author of the study, asserts that “If you’re investing a lot of time and money in your education, do you really want to waste your investment on behaviors that interfere with your academic success?”

This study not only backs the age-old advice of staying away from bad habits and concentrating on academics from almost all the parents around the world but also brings to light the very need of strong awareness amongst young adults.