GoLITE BLU Do you face mood swings with constant weather changes? Well in case you are one of those who often suffer from depression particularly in the winter season, here’s an interesting piece of news. Royal Philips Electronics has come up with a new and advanced light therapy called the goLITE BLU that should offer you quick relief from the winter blues.

While common symptoms of winter depression could comprise of lethargy, lowered mood, weight gain, sleeping disorders and carbohydrate cravings, many people are affected by increased darkness.

Giving you instant relief from seasonal mood-related problems, goLITE BLU is a natural and convenient way to overcome symptoms of the winter blues. A stylish device measuring about 5.3″ x 5.5″ and weighing just about 12 ounces, the gadget boasts of a built-in clock, timer, rechargeable battery and protective storage case. Fabricated keeping in mind user portability goLITE BLU can easily be carried everywhere you go.

Dan Adams, a research manager at Philips Home Healthcare Solutions, revealed, “The body clock is stimulated by blue light like the blue found in the summer sky. In the winter we get less of this light and so many people suffer from the winter blues. The goLITE BLU represents significant improvements in portable blue light therapy.”

He further mentioned, “Science has shown that to stimulate the body clock we don’t need intense white light. This is because a person’s body clock can respond up to two times greater to blue light than to white light and white light is 50 times more intense. Our Bluewave technology, which is incorporated into the goLITE BLU, dramatically reduces the overall intensity of light as compared to bright white therapy devices and can help minimize potential side effects such as eyestrain, glare and headaches.”

Coming out with flying colours in the ocular safety testing and all government and industrial ocular safety standards, goLITE BLU does not emit any harmful ultraviolet (UV) or near-UV light. By using it for just 15 to 20 minutes every day, researchers claim the light therapy has shown significant improvement in mood and energy. It works by regulating our internal body clock called the circadian rhythms which controls the body’s 24-hour cycle of activity and sleep related to light.

Ensuring a comfortable user experience, highlights of the innovative goLITE BLU include a wide viewing field that lets users carry on daily tasks like reading, eating or watching television while using the device, a soft, even and comfortable light that helps remove harsh glares and contrast problems normally linked to traditional light therapy products, backlit touch screen controls enable simple usage and programming and finally a sleek design that makes packing, storing and usage of the device pretty effortless.

With a two-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, the goLITE BLU sells at a retail price of around $279 and should be available at leading online retail stores like Amazon and also the LightTherapy’s official website.