Designer Duck Young Kong has designed a temperature checking device called the Lunar Baby Thermometer. The sick child’s temperature can be checked by just taking the thermometer in your hand and placing it on the child’s head.

Lunar Baby Thermometer

The basic idea of this uniquely designed thermometer is based on the natural behavior of putting a hand to the forehead to measure internal heat of the body. This new device makes checking temperature easier because it rules out the uncomfortable option of sticking the thermometer inside the child’s body. A parent or guardian, whoever is checking the temperature, can just hold the thermometer in their hand and place their hand over the child’s forehead. The specially designed shape of this device makes it very user friendly. It is very easy to understand how to hold and use this device. The organic and ergonomic shape provides a secure grasp in the user’s hand.

This thermometer comes with an LCD screen where the child’s temperature is displayed, when holding it against the sick child’s forehead. After placing the thermometer on the forehead, a beeping sound followed by a flashing LED, lets the user know when it’s done.

The main aim of the Lunar Baby Thermometer is to unite its crude temperature reading and the loved ones healing touch into a complete package.

The traditional method of temperature reading for babies less than 3 months old, the armpits are the best place to check the temperature. Whereas for babies aged between 3 months and 4 years, a thermometer should be stuck up their buttocks. And lastly for children older than 4 or 5, an oral check should be done.