Fishes And Coral Reefs The blue-green algae cyanobacterium contains a substance that can supposedly be an ideal blueprint for developing novel medications against bone diseases. Scientists now claim that the substance, Largazole in cyanobacterium helps to prevent and treat various bone diseases including fractures and osteoporosis. It has been assumed that Largazole is also capable of fighting cancer.

Investigations on laboratory dishes and test animals affirm that Largazole has an unusual dual action on injured or diseased bones. This substance probably gives rise to a process in the body known as osteogenesis. During this process, a new bone is grown and damaged bone is repaired. It also appears that Largazole blocks the oppose process in which the body naturally breaks down and resorbs bone.

Jiyong Hong and colleagues noted Largazole’s effects on proteins called histone deacetylases. These proteins are believed to be a master control switch for protein production. Drugs halting histone deacetylases may be commonly prescribed for cancer patients. It was pointed out that when mixed with collagen and calcium phosphate, Largazole seemingly healed fractured bones in laboratory mice as well as rabbits.

The research is published in the journal ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters.