Bottles of Synthetic & Natural perfumes

Perfumes are universally approved and are especially fancied by women. However, few people may be allergic to this fragrant liquid. Hypersensitivity may not only exist from synthetic perfumes, but also from natural aromatic oils. This astounding discovery was made by a new research conducted by the University of Gothenburg.

It is stated that hypersensitivity to perfumes is one of the most commonly affected allergies in adults. Many people suffer from contact allergy to these innocent looking perfume substances. It was previously believed that natural aromas or essential oils were safer had a more prolonged effects in comparison to the artificial synthetic perfumes. However this latest research says otherwise.

It is stated that new eczema-provoking allergens are believed to be formed when they come in contact with the autoxidation acid present in the air or with the skin enzymes. A University of Gothenburg researcher, Lina Hagvall, had found that the formation of allergic substances takes place with essential oils as well.

In her thesis, Hagvall has also evaluated geraniol, which is a commonly used element in perfumes. It was discovered that geraniol alone contained a little allergy-inducing properties. These properties through autoxidation and reaction with skin enzymes trigger the substances which form the allergen geranial.

It is believed that this is the first time that these revelations have been confirmed and demonstrated. The researchers state that a deeper understanding of the effect that perfumes have when they come in contact with air or skin, is mandatory. They say that a deeper analysis and insight may even aid in lowering the number of eczema cases.