Pile of Vitamin Pills Many people consume vitamin pills with the hope of preventing the possible onset of any disease or illness. However latest reports questioning the vitamin value, have left some people clueless as to the efficiency of vitamin use.

It is said that some Americans don’t get the required amount of vitamin D, which could lead to the onset of several diseases. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked with several diseases like colon cancer, osteoporosis, gingivitis, etc. among others.

Nutrition director at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center, Elisabetta Politi, says that, “While vitamins are not meant to be magic bullets of prevention, most Americans have poor eating habits and don’t get the daily recommended allowance of most vitamins and minerals. That’s why we continue to recommend a well-balanced multi-vitamin.”

Having said that, it is also pointed out that vitamin consumption also affects a person’s economy. Thus, a healthy balanced diet is recommended instead of daily vitamin pill intake. A balanced healthy diet should ideally consist of these things:

1. Daily five servings of vegetables and fruits.
2. Choosing fresh vegetables over the frozen ones. Fresh vegetables are a healthier option as compared to frozen vegetables.
3. Consumption of sweet vegetables like corn, carrots, fruits, etc. to overcome sweet cravings.
4. Consumption of dark green leafy vegetables like spinach etc. which are a rich source of minerals.
5. Daily consumption of about three-servings of low-fat dairy products. One serving is equal to about one cup of milk, one cup of yogurt or about an ounce of low-fat cheese.
6. Maintaining a balance between the amounts of calorie consumed and the amount of calorie burnt.

Politi says that, “The bottom line is if you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains, your diet will provide you with the right mix of carbohydrate, fiber and healthy fats.”

However, along with a proper balanced meal, vitamin intake is also required for those people who:

1. Are picky or a poor eater.
2. Are pregnant or breast-feeding women.
3. Are vegetarian, who don’t even consume animal products like cheese, milk, eggs, etc.
4. Are on a restricted calorie diet.
5. Have a particular food allergy.
6. Have undergone surgery on their digest tract.

Politi recommends the consumption of vitamin pill with the main meal of the day, in order to improve its absorption. She also warns that similar to medicines, even vitamin pills expire and as a result lose out on some of their biological properties. Thus all these factors have to be kept in mind before popping down your daily vitamin pill.