Methodist Hospital SystemJust yesterday we had reported about how TV ads may influence factors like weight, diet and physical activity. A new study claims that purchasing items kept in the perimeter of the local grocery store and evading the aisles may provide a head start on combating obesity.

If people cannot evade going down the aisles, it may be vital to be conscious of food labels and locate foods with the smallest number of amount of ingredients like 3 to 4 instead of 6 to 8.

Gaye Lynn Hicks, RD, LD, with The Methodist Weight Management Center in Houston, commented, “In most grocery stores, the aisles are filled with canned goods, frozen and boxed dinners that are loaded with fat and extra unnecessary calories. The perimeter features fruits, vegetables, lean meats and other healthy fair.”

Hicks added, “The top 5 ingredients listed make up the food, the rest are preservatives and additives to give it flavor. Many times this leads to additional fat and calories. It should be a red flag if you see they are adding a large amount of sugars and fats. Women only need 200 calories of added sugar per day and men 300 calories.”

An individual’s body receives all the nutrients, sugars and fats it requires from the every day needs of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, dairy and whole grains. These food items are apparently found around the perimeter of majority of grocery stores.

Hicks remarked, “If 90 percent of what is in your shopping cart is from around the perimeter of the store, you are eating a clean, healthy diet.”

For example, low-fat milk is said to provide the same amount of proteins and calcium as whole milk, but they are slashing out all of the additional saturated fat. Moreover, lean chicken with no skin may deliver the protein one requires devoid of the fat. Approximately, 5 to 10 helpings a day of fruits and vegetables may also aid in warding off surplus pounds.

A few healthy items may be seen down the aisles like brown rice, whole wheat bread, and some spices. When it comes to spices, people ought to select it themselves. In this manner, they may be aware of what goes into their food.