UC Davis LogoThis news deals with the consumption of salt. The Institute of Medicine apparently issued an official report claiming that Americans devour up excessive salt. The report also alleges that new government standards ought to be created for standard sodium content in foods.

But two UC Davis nutrition experts have a different opinion in this matter. In November, Judith Stern, a professor of nutrition and internal medicine, and David McCarron, an adjunct nutrition professor, both at UC Davis, seemingly probed the scientific judgment and viability of generally restricting salt consumption in humans.

After evaluating data from sodium consumption studies globally and an important body of neuroscience research on sodium appetite, Stern and McCarron seemed to find convincing proof signifying that humans naturally adjust their salt intake in a narrowly defined physiologic range.

It was discovered that Americans’ regular salt intake is said to fall well within this range. They propose that government-led efforts to nationally regulate salt consumption are naive, erroneous and not based in science. The study authors advocate that people who appear to be at a special threat for high blood pressure and related diseases ought to check with their physicians for nutritional advice, counting suitable levels of salt intake.

The study was published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.