ACS logoTired of treating skin allergies after using a particular soap or shampoo? Well, researchers reveal a novel technology could be coming around soon that may help take care of this common problem. They ascertain that the new technique ensures detection of chemicals in consumer products and workplaces that cause skin sensitization or dermatitis mainly inflammation of the skin.

Being simple and affordable, this method the scientists claim takes into the account feelings of individuals against utilization of animals to confirm the presence of harmful ingredients. Consumer based soaps, shampoos and other products often include chemicals that may undergo a bonding with the proteins in the skin further leading to dermatitis. These findings were put forth by Itai Chipinda and colleagues.

Once an individual comes in contact with such a product symptoms like redness, irritation, itching, etc. may occur. Already there are various tests employing glutathione which imitate skin proteins and appear to bond with the allergy-causing ingredients. However, these tests are probably not suitable for analyses during the beginning stages of skin sensitization.

The researchers further claim that the novel test includes nitrobenzenethiol as the skin protein surrogate. The investigators conducted an experiment to determine the use of this test. It was conducted on 20 different chemicals that are known to cause skin irritation. The test was supposedly successful in recognizing all the chemicals and displayed positive results.

The scientists then made certain chemicals undergo the same test, which seemed to display negative results. This is because these chemicals are assured to not always produce skin sensitization. The researchers further explained that the new test may be employed as a screening tool for skin allergens at a primary level.

The research is published in the journal ACS’ Chemical Research in Toxicology.