Reduce Health Care Cost

In our lifestyle wherein cut-throat competition is the call for the day, we seldom have time to enjoy a meal or think about our family. We believe in a speedy brunch and minimal rest to meet work targets. But such a lifestyle quickly elevates risk for various diseases and ailments. With commodity and service prices shooting up, most individuals may not be able to acquire an appropriate treatment. As it is said, ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ and the best way of avoiding an illness is by taking necessary precautions. Though you may be aware of the possible ways to reduce money spent in maintaining health, but understanding the accurate means of doing so is crucial. Massive care should be taken for replacing or adopting certain activities. We shed light on a few important requirements that may help reduce health care cost. Simple and easy to follow, the overview paves the path of a healthy lifestyle by bringing to the fore mundane tasks in routine life that we take for granted.

Let’s scrutinize the following pointers essential for a healthy living:

Diet – Irrespective of whether you are a teen or an adult it is crucial that a diet rich in nutrition is followed. Often most individuals tending to lose weight skip meals, which is unhealthy. In fact, meals loaded with nutritional content that are consumed on time can save an individual from gaining excess weight. It is known that gaps between meals hamper immunity which is one of the key factors for hypertension and various cardiovascular events. Even junk and processed food like potato chips, noodles, cookies should not be included in our diet on a daily basis. Along with a good diet, water intake also has to be appropriate. While 8-10 glasses of water each day is considered appropriate, a study claims that drinking more water helps the body to lose weight. And don’t forget to consume fresh fruits and vegetables in great quantities.

Exercise – Most of us will be aware about the enormous benefits of spending just 30 minutes every day exercising. Gradually elevating the time slot for exercise can aid in burning extra calories and fats. Known to maintain normal blood pressure, a daily exercise regimen also keeps cholesterol level in control. Though it saves us from many diseases, most of us are often caught up with busy work schedules and may be unable to remain committed to the gym. So simple alternatives like doing household chores, skipping elevators, playing with children or taking your pet for a walk can be adopted. It should however be noted that individuals can either stick to light exercise or consult an appropriate trainer before performing a particular exercise.

Avoid Addiction – If you are looking for means of cutting down health care cost then your first step should be to quit all forms of addiction. Along with substance addiction like smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs and gambling, some modern age addictions such as online gaming, internet and e-mail have also surfaced. How many of us can actually stay away from social networking sites? Well there is no need to press the panic button as practicing the following steps can probably help overcome the situation. Instead of poking your friend on a social networking site every now and then, arrange a face-to face meeting. You can even indulge in hobbies like reading a good book and if possible play a sport. Even simply shopping or eating out can assist you in tackling internet addiction. For those who believe in gradually breaking the cocoon of your addiction, hours spent on the internet can be noted down in a book and a tab on your daily progress can be kept.

Solve Puzzles and Play Brain Games – It may sound funny as to how solving puzzles and games can increase our savings. But a study claims that solving crosswords and brain teasers can actually boost brain power. Games like Sudoku, checkers and others are believed to exercise various parts of our brain and build curiosity. Risk of dementia can apparently be averted by playing crossword puzzles. Selecting social games like chess or bridge can also elevate brain power and simultaneously keep us connected with others.

Refreshing Sleep – In his book ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, Robin Sharma excellently describes mind as a magnificent garden that ought to be mastered. A simple lifestyle with proper sleep can help you lead a life free from diseases and ailments. Turning off the TV and overcome internet addiction can play a major role in acquiring a good sleep. While 6-8 hours is considered appropriate, the quality of sleep seems to be important too. A good sleep at night may be a crucial factor in extending lifespan, keeping the body strong and healthy, helping the brain to stay sharp and focused while also improving memory. It is also believed that fine quality sleep keeps emotions positive, healthy and balanced. After having spent a pleasant sleep, you are sure to wake up in the morning and feel refreshed instead of appearing grumpy.

Relax – Understanding the concept relaxation and practicing it seems to be a key ingredient for leading a well balanced life that is also free from stress. Relaxing your mind and always thinking positive can help to keep mental disorders at bay. Not only your mind, but also your body needs relaxation. The quench for rest can be achieved by performing yoga every day. As it is said, ‘Laughter is the best medicine,’ laughing and smiling can be important tools for overcoming stress.

Organize Your Activities – Time management is extremely crucial. Organizing your activities in a timely manner will help you follow a balanced life. In this fast paced world, an individual faces innumerable goals to achieve. Allotting timeframes for each activity may be helpful. Appropriate time slots should be given for eating, sleeping, working, playing, etc. But before planning your activities, look carefully at the most important assignments that ought to be accomplished and prioritize more time towards it.

Stay Clean – Most of us will agree to this that maintaining hygiene and cleanliness can prevent a number of ailments like diarrhea, swine flu, etc. It is not all that difficult to stay neat and tidy. Washing your hands with an antiseptic soap or sanitizing them before touching fruits and vegetables from outside is a good way to be away from diseases. Along with brushing teeth twice a day and bathing at least once, cutting your nails and washing hair is also vital for keeping the body clean. In spite of busy schedules allot some time for cleaning and dusting the house.

Travel – Taking a break from the routine work and back home will revive your body from stress. Travelling keeps the blood flowing and helps you remain active. Visiting a new place diverts your mind and boosts your knowledge about different cultures. With energy being pumped in the body, you look more fresh and promising. The sunlight rejuvenating your body and soul can aid in building positive thoughts. So travel and simultaneously experience amazing health benefits.

Lead a Balanced Life – Creating a physical and spiritual balance is a vital aspect of our daily lives. Take care and nurture yourself with a nutritional diet and regular exercise. Begin each day with making a note of tasks to accomplish and with a prepared mind give your best to fulfill it. Attributing some time for prayers and meditation can help leading a balanced life. Eat in moderation to maintain energy levels and enjoy a restful sleep. A well balanced life eliminates the worry element and adds peace to the mind, body and soul.

Practicing a daily regimen of these simple yet effective strategies can help decrease money spent in health care and increase your savings. Most importantly, these steps can ensure you to look forward to a healthy and cheerful life.