APS Logo It is said that creativity comes from within and even a slight spark weaves the fabric of uniqueness in one’s self. Well, it now seems that creatively is based on the mood of an individual. A latest study suggests that good mood allows the brain to think more creatively.

While conducting the study, students were put into different moods and provided with a learning task. Volunteers learned to classify sets of pictures with visually complex patterns. Mood was manipulated through music clips and video clips and experts tried to find out what makes people happiest as well as saddest. While the happiest music was a peppy Mozart piece, the happiest video was of a laughing baby. This music and video was used in the experiment along with sad music that was a piece of music from Schindler’s List and video which contained a news report about an earthquake. Experts also employed a piece of music and a video that didn’t affect mood.

On listening to the music and watching the video, subjects were made to learn and recognize a pattern. As a result, happy participants were probably able to learn a rule of distinguishing the patterns better than sad or neutral volunteers. Ruby Nadler, a graduate student at the University of Western Ontario and colleagues mention that positive mood can help think creative and music is an easy way to get into a good mood.

The study was published in the journal Psychological Science.