Brainwave Athletic Trainer

A brainwave athletic trainer has now entered the heath world for analyzing mental states of a sports person. B-Bridge recently teamed up with NeuroSky to develop the BrainAthlete system for general consumers to keep a tab on an athlete’s level of concentration. Apparently engineered into a standard golf visor, the system includes three non-invasive contact points in the headband. These contact points may assess the EEG electrical activity from the brain to gauge the metal state of an athlete.

The BrainAthlete visor appears beneficial for both athletes as well as trainers to understand concentration levels during a workout activity, like a golf swing. The newly introduced system seems to scrutinize performance in real time or after the completion of the training session. On achieving the neuro-feedback technology golfers can probably work on improving their skills. The device can presumably help athletes more easily ‘get into the zone.’

Dr. Debra Crews, professor of psychology at Arizona State University noted an association between mental state and performance accuracy. Mental acuity is known to create an impact on the outcome of golf coaching and other sports. Monitoring EEG appears as a beneficial factor for coaching various sports. The device at present is available on Windows and the Mac as well as mobile versions will be launched in the coming year. The price of the product is yet to be determined.