Allscripts Remote Application People can now benefit from yet another application specially knitted for the privileged users of iPhone. The latest Allscripts Remote application permits physicians to virtually access and keep a check on all the required information, even when they are away from their office. This novel application has recently been introduced by Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions, Inc., Chicago for its EMR system.

Allscripts Remote, for the Apple iPod touch users, also offers an easy access to the award winning Allscripts Enterprise and Professional Electronic Health Records. Through this application, the patient’s medical records, relevant data, immediate contact with emergency rooms in local hospitals, etc. among other functions can be accessed. Its other capabilities include ePrescribing to the regular pharmacy of the patient; real-time access to lab results, medications, medical history etc.

This application is believed to be a boon for physicians. It makes it easier for them to avoid carrying laptops or manage Internet connections. iPod touch and iPhone users can very easily make use of this added advantage. This application gives physicians the chance to experience and practice medicine in a very intuitive and efficient manner.

Glen Tullman, Chief Executive Officer of Allscripts, says that, “Physicians are quick to adopt technology that delivers clear benefits to their patients while making their own lives easier, and Allscripts Remote delivers on both counts. For any physician who uses iPhone or plans to, there’s no better way to connect to real-time information and new capabilities that not only make it easier for them to make informed clinical decisions, but save them time. It’s all about connecting.”

It has been stated that not only physicians’ benefit from Allscripts Remote, even patients bear the fruit of this application. It is believed to be capable of faxing the medical summary of the patient to the emergency room, along with the provider’s instructions. It is also said to supply accurate medications, which are safer; and also include the list of possible allergies.

Director of Innovation for Allscripts, Stanley Crane says that the Allscripts Remote “redefines what it is to be connected via virtually anytime, anywhere access to information.” Adding that, “If you end up in the emergency room, this is the product that you hope your doctor has.”

Similar to Blackberry, which was said to have been designed with the aim of maximizing email access; Allscripts Remote is believed to gain from the iPhone’s ability to present immediate and easy access to the Electronic Health Record.