Football Players Here is an amazing technology to train athletes with safety and intelligence. Mohamed Al-Mulla, a PhD student has developed a wireless device named iSense which is believed to anticipate and detect the status of muscles during training. The iSense device crafted to optimize performance can be employed for any sport.

Generally athletes gauge for themselves the intensity of muscle fatigue while training. However, the novel device provides accurate information on what the brain is telling the athlete and what the muscles are actually doing. It comes along with sensors and gathers signals from the muscles based on the tiny electrical signals they produce when contracting. It is designed to offer maximum benefits from the training without putting undue pressure on the muscles.

The need for muscle fatigue may arise among body-builders as they attempt to push their bodies for promoting muscle growth. This can probably lead to a serious injury when the level of fatigue is high. If muscle fatigue is not detected on time, it can supposedly initiate pain and injuries. iSense guides athletes during training by acting as a warning device to avoid unnecessary strain on the muscle and avert injury.

It appears beneficial for sports enthusiasts, senior citizens as well as disabled who can often suffer muscle fatigue by sitting in the same position for too long. Additional investigations are undertaken to offer an improved device which is smaller, more portable and can be connected to an iPhone.

The research is published in the journal Sensors.