Natural Mushrooms Last month we reported about an investigation which claimed that high-vitamin D bread can overcome vitamin D insufficiency. And here is another article that also aims to boost vitamin D intake. A recent research led by the University College Dublin (UCD) asserts that consuming naturally enriched mushrooms can boost levels of vitamin D.

Around 40 percent of the Irish population is believed to suffer from low levels of vitamin D. This population apparently consumes large amounts of mushrooms. Hence, it is assumed that introduction of mushrooms that are naturally enriched with vitamin D can benefit such people. As of now, experts have registered positive outcomes among people.

Dr Anne Nugent, UCD Institute of Food and Health, University College Dublin and colleagues predict that enhancing mushrooms with vitamin D is a good dietary choice. Other than being low in energy and fat, mushrooms are known as good sources of protein, dietary fibre, vitamins as well as minerals. As vitamin D is greatly involved in cell growth, immune function and strengthening bones, improving its levels by eating mushrooms may be a good idea.