Bread Made With Yeast Vitamin D deficiency seems to be a growing concern in the health zone which hampers the body ability to absorb calcium. In an attempt to increase the intake of vitamin D-fortified food, scientists have discovered that bread made with high-vitamin D yeast can help in tackling vitamin D insufficiency. Apart from contributing to healthy bones, vitamin D apparently has body-wide beneficial effects.

Individuals with inadequate vitamin D levels probably have higher chances of developing heart disease, cancer or allergy. Exposure to sunlight supposedly enables the body to make its own vitamin D. However, during the winter month’s people are not exposed to sun and even in summer sun blocks are used. Hence, including vitamin D into the diet in the form of bread appears as a good idea.

The research was conducted on laboratory rats to analyze the benefits of consuming bread baked with high vitamin D yeast. Connie Weaver and colleagues observed that rats fed on bread made with vitamin D2-rich yeast were benefited. It was concluded that bread made from high vitamin D yeast may be a valuable new source of vitamin D in the diet.

The research is published in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.