Diopsys Logo Here is a novel means to spot optic nerve diseases, including glaucoma and several other neuro-visual disorders. Diopsys has now rolled out the new Diopsys NOVA-DN VEP Vision Testing System to help optometrists and ophthalmologists detect optic nerve diseases. The crafted device apparently has major implications in the health zone.

Thanks to the Diopsys NOVA-DN that, clinicians can now examine optic nerve disease earlier than traditional vision tests. The novel device employs Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) technology and proprietary software to assess the entire vision system right from the eye to the visual cortex. VEP appears as an objective, functional test that classifies between healthy and glaucomatous eyes.

The Diopsys NOVA-DN also uses traditional testing methods to enhance diagnosis and treatment. The device apparently records the electrical response of a patient’s entire vision system and provides easy to-read reports. So doctors have to simply evaluate optic nerve function and compare tests over time to track disease progression.

Alberto González García, M.D., neuroophthalmologist and Research Director at Diopsys, Inc. and colleagues believe that the latest offering aids in identifying glaucoma patients and tracking their disease progression as well.