University Of Otago Logo Kiwifruit probably has a significant amount of Vitamin C, E and A. This fruit is not only high in fiber content, but also has several antioxidant properties. Researchers from the University of Otago now claim that kiwifruit as a source of dietary vitamin C is five times effective than a purified supplement.

Vitamin C (ascorbate) may be essentially required in all body tissues and organs to be healthy. Since the human body is unable to make the vitamin, obtaining it via food seems to be important. Also several vitamin supplements are available which may be consumed for fulfilling the requirement.

A series of experiments were conducted in which vitamin C-deficient mice were fed the vitamin over a month, either as kiwifruit or as an equivalent amount of pure vitamin C. Those eating the kiwifruit possibly absorbed vitamin C much more efficiently than those given the purified supplement form. Also the vitamin seemingly retained for a longer time among mice consuming the fruit.

Hence, it can be assumed that kiwifruit improves absorption and retention. Lead researcher Associate Professor Margreet Vissers and colleagues mention that the findings of the mouse trial have important implications for human nutrition. For confirming that the situation is applicable for people, a human trial and an equivalent human study is currently being initiated.

The study was recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.