IOM Nutrition Report Most of us rely on food labels before laying hands on canned and packaged foods. Promoting this practice, a study conducted at the Institute of Medicine of the National Academics has recommended a point system for evaluation of foodstuffs.

The more points a particular drink or food has, the healthier it is. Presently, the nutritional labeling system tends to confuse users especially when they do not heed to minor details in the urban fast paced life. Sometimes, consumers do not appear to possess adequate knowledge on a specific product rating system.

The study was divided into 2 cycles. Firstly, the analysis dealt with nutrition rating systems through scientific researches which was presented in 2010. Secondly, consumer usage was taken into consideration along with the front panel of packages.

The team suggests that the time to let go of front-of package (FOP) systems has arrived. The latter usually provides nutrition data on foodstuffs but does not provide clear guidelines for wellness. The system doesn’t seem to have simplicity, visual clarity and capacity to deliver the message without detailed information.

As per this report, the FDA is recommended to conduct a trial and implement a single standard FOP symbol mechanism for factors like saturated, trans fat, sodium and added sugars. Foods marked with more points ought to be the preferred choice for healthy eating.

This system will help food and beverage manufacturers locate healthier choices conveniently while they shop.