1Healthy snacks for diabetes –

Managing diabetes does not spell the end of snacking between meals or before a workout. The only thing you think you’ll be missing out on is sweet desserts. But the fact is, the recommended daily intake of sugar for normal adults is no more than about 9 teaspoons for men and 6 teaspoons for women.

This means that even people without diabetes have to be careful about their diet and avoid sweet eats as much as possible if they’re already drinking beverages with sugar stirred in. So compared to the average person, what are you missing out on really? Everyone has to watch their sweet tooth anyway.

Puffed whole grains or popcorn –

Popcorn You don’t have to avoid carbohydrates completely just because you have diabetes. But do check with your doctor on the portion sizes you can eat each day. A small bowl of popcorn is pretty low in carbs and can be safely consumed as a snack by most. You can swap it for a smaller serving puffed brown rice or wheat alternately.

Popcorn or puffed whole food grains are high in fiber and cholesterol free. They aid digestion and are low in saturated fat and sodium. Flavored versions can contain sugar, unhealthy additives and more salt than you intend to consume. So pick unflavored options whenever possible and do read those labels.