Dark scars can give you much more than just a mark on your face, which is why this feature on 7 remedies for dark scars is worth your time. Though the effects of scars on the self esteem of people are overtly highlighted, something that is more discomfiting is the belief that there’s nothing much that can be done about it. Considering that there is no foolproof technique to get rid of dark scars out in the market, there are some vital steps you can take to prevent and treat the condition by alleviating its effect to some degree.


Dark scars are a result of a wide range of factors, be it sunburn, acne, injury, fire accident or any other kind of physical adversity. Sometimes you will notice that mere carelessness on your part in terms of hygiene and optimum treatment could cost you an unmistakably visible mark on your face. Follow these simple remedies for dark scars to lessen the effect and visibility of the mark.

Heal the infection – Doing away with the visibility aspect of scars, for a while, what’s most important is that the infection must be treated suitably. Visit a physician at the earliest if you find a wound is oozing pus from it or in case of any other accidents or ailments. You can work towards reducing the scar only after the site is free of infections, and for that appropriate therapeutic measures are crucial.

Avoid sun exposure – Prolonged sun exposure will make the scar turn redder and darker. Cover the wound with a soft light colored stole or napkin while stepping out in the sun. Especially fresh scars are very sensitive to sunlight, which is why individuals have to keep the site protected from sun rays for a substantial amount of time. Using sunscreens might also help.

Massage the scar evenly and gently – Use the scar cream prescribed by your doctor and spread it consistently over the afflicted area. Many professionals believe that massaging severs the scar tissue thereby reducing the intensity of the scar. Again, do not opt for any sort of remedies spread by a word of mouth. Stick on to just what’s advised by your doctor.

Scar Remedies

Chemical peels – Not many of us are aware of such an option, but the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), has promoted it as one of the ways to reduce scarring. However, the skin type should be taken into consideration as it may not work for all. In case of skin irritation experienced after peel use, it ought to be halted right away as it could escalate the condition further.

Natural treatment – There are many misconceptions on this front, which is why getting your knowledge right will be helpful. Some natural products like aloe, cocoa butter, vitamin E oil and vitamin C may be safe for usage. Also, rubbing lemon over the site of the scar has been a conventional technique to reduce scarring.

Exfoliation – It is a cosmetology procedure where old dead skin cells are eliminated. Chemical exfoliation is usually favored since it is invasive enough to free the skin cells that are glued together. It is usually used in parlors offering facials and is mostly used for treating acne scars.

Laser surgery – This can be hard on the pockets but if home remedies do not show the required results, it is always better to consult a dermatologist who may guide you. Other techniques such as dermabrasion, radiotherapy are some severe forms of treatments used, which will be recommended, in case the issue demands so.

The greatest virtue for all people dealing with dark scars on their body is patience. The duration of the scar will depend on the type of scar as some patches can be very stubborn. However, opting for the right treatment is vital where consulting a dermatologist shouldn’t be averted at any point of time. As stated by the AAD, over-use of skin lightening creams may lead to the skin turning dark bluish. However, it’s important not to be stuck in a double whammy situation and combat the scar both physical and mentally.

The priority should be to prevent such a condition at all costs. Hold back from acute body piercings and cosmetic surgeries where many accidental occurrences have been reported. Considering that instances just slip out of our control and dominate us, we are hoping this list of seven remedies for dark scars will be of help in your endeavors.