diabetes-care-journal-logo.jpg Weight gain of just a kilo or two may be sufficient to deter our efforts towards conforming to a nutritious diet schedule. In an important study, experts from the Ben-Gurion University have urged people to stick on to a healthy diet even in case of weight gain, as they have stumbled upon 2 different biomarkers related to weight fluctuations, one of which apparently helps retain good health.

As part of the 2-year Dietary Intervention Randomized Controlled Trial (DIRECT), the subjects were divided into 3 groups of low-fat, Mediterranean or low-carbohydrate diet groups with strict conformation to each of these for the complete 2-year phase.

The scientists identified 2 distinct biomarkers related to weight alterations in the process. While the Pattern-A biomarker did not seem to work once weight began to pile on, the Pattern-B biomarker apparently improved in spite of slight weight gain.

“This study tells us that we may have all been too tunnel-viewed on weight when it comes to healthy dieting. Although maintaining ideal body weight is linked to better health, when it comes to adopting healthier dietary habits in mild to moderately obese people, there are benefits beyond weight loss, such as decreasing inflammatory tone and elevating the “good cholesterol” HDL, similar to what we have been learning in diabetes,” explained Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Assaf Rudich.

These observations were almost similar among all 3 diet groups stated above. Basically, the study suggested that the benefits of a healthy diet are something much more than just weight loss. Even moderately obese people who adhere to a quality diet may inadvertently reap health benefits sooner or later, the scientists believed.

The study is published in the journal, Diabetes Care.