In recent days, organic brown rice syrup is preferred by most health conscious people in place of high fructose corn syrup. However, a team from the Dartmouth University has revealed that organic food could contain hidden sources of arsenic.

Toddler formula, high-energy foods, cereal or energy bars comprise organic brown rice syrup. Professionals set to examine the levels of arsenic present in the aforesaid substances. Arsenic is considered to be a toxic element that could also be carcinogenic.

The results were startling as a certain infant formula constituted nearly 6 times the safe drinking limit for arsenic in water. High-energy foods and cereals also seemed to contain high concentrations of arsenic, specifically those with organic brown syrup as one of the ingredients.

The authors from the Dartmouth University commented, “By contrast the energy shots are gel-like blocks and, like the formulas, it would not be immediately apparent to the consumer that these too are rice-based products.”

Most people opting for healthy diet regimens look for the organic label in foods. However, this trial sheds light on hidden constituents in certain products that may be detrimental to health. The team believed that regulatory limits on arsenic in food are the need of the hour.

Considering that modern food processing techniques use organic brown rice syrup, consumers purchasing infant formulas or energy bars may be unwittingly ingesting arsenic. The study is published in the February 16 issue of the journal, Environmental Health Perspectives.