Obese Man With endless reports talking about weight loss surgeries, it can indeed be difficult to choose the most fruitful alternative. Helping us with that, scientists from the Bristol University intend to conduct an extensive trial measuring the pros and cons of different kinds of obesity surgeries.

This study dubbed By-Band will compare the results of stomach bypass and stomach band operations. The scientists will analyze alterations in weight over a period of 3 years and gauge if the subjects’ overall quality of life has improved in the process.

Professor Jane Blazeby, Consultant Upper GI Surgeon in the School of Social and Community Medicine at the University of Bristol, who is leading the study, commented, “Obesity is an increasing health problem in the UK, which is predicted to worsen. Current national guidelines recommend that surgery should be considered for morbidly obese people or for those remaining obese after trying other options.”

Almost 700 overweight individuals will be part of the randomized trial. While half of them will be treated with gastric bypass surgery, the other half will encounter gastric band operation. Further, the participants will be surveyed regarding their habits and lifestyles post surgery. Their blood samples will also be collected to probe into other effects of surgeries and obesity.

The study is expected to begin in April 2012 and will continue for a span of 8 years. The findings are slated to be published by 2018.