Women Jogging

Those shying away from jogging in the playground or any outdoor location can take a look at this tidbit. A study by scientists at the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has shown that regular jogging could boost heart health.

The results of the trial suggested that jogging for nearly 1 to 2 hours every week at a normal or slow speed could increase the life-span of individuals. To reach this conclusion, experts gauged the mortality rates in joggers and non-joggers. They found that jogging increased the life expectancy of both men and women. For men, the life-span increased by almost 6.2 years, while for women it increased by nearly 5.6 years.

Natasha Stewart, BHF senior cardiac nurse, commented, “Physical activity has long been associated with improved health and so it’s no surprise to see just how beneficial jogging could be. Staying active can help prevent and manage a wide variety of health conditions and keep your heart in great shape. It can help the way you look and feel today but could also help to protect your heart health in the future too.”

Almost every other day there are reports talking about the importance of physical activity. Moreover, do we need studies to explain the importance of exercises and physical activities? As suggested by the senior cardiac nurse, physical activity is one area that’s not restricted at all. Swimming, brisk walking hiking, sky diving or even gardening are some ways with which people can exert their bodies.

Those concerned about any health issue they may face due to jogging or exercise could consult their physicians on this matter.