Fat Lady

External factors like social networking sites or a simple comment from a colleague may fill the mind with a lot of negative emotions. In a new finding from a team at the health Charity MIND, it came to light that women do not opt for outdoor exercises due to poor body image.

This often led women into taking steps like night jogging or staying away from outdoor life altogether. There is no doubt that exercising outdoors can serve as a reliever of stress apart from aiding weight loss. Almost 1,450 women were surveyed in the study, where issues like low confidence and self esteem surfaced out.

“We all know that walking, cycling, even gardening are good for our mental health, however for many of us exercising in the great outdoors can be incredibly daunting, especially if already feeling low and self-confidence is at rock bottom,” commented Beth Murphy, head of information at Mind.

Roughly 9 out of 10 women aged over 30 seemed to be conscious of their body weights and therefore restricted from going out in the open for some workout sessions. Other results showed that some women wore loose clothing to mask their body shapes, while a few others exercised in places no one frequented.

The study highlights the aspect that failing to exercise at our mind’s will in public places makes us lose out on avenues for boosting mental health. This study is part of the Feel better outside – feel better inside campaign.