Exmocare Exmocare has launched a web-based Bluetooth-enabled biosensor wristwatch service. The device is aimed at helping with medical supervision of the elderly. The services include a wristwatch that monitors its wearer’s pulse, heart rate variability, skin conductance and activity level via a built in accelerometer.

Exmocare says that the wristwatch can also provide rudimentary assessment of up to 10 different emotional states, including when its elderly-wearer is relaxed, upbeat, worried, agitated, etc.

The wristwatch can be used to send alerts to families and/ or healthcare providers using SMS, email and/or instant messenger. Exmocare’s emotion algorithms are individualized for each wearer. The wristwatch takes into account the wearer’s baseline reading and the readings from his or her last 48 hours, so that only meaningful changes trigger alerts.

Exmocare is also the first such device to integrate seamlessly into your Personal Area Network, which is and work for you 24 hours a day, no matter where you are.