Vegetable Diets That’s the question the British Broadcasting Corporation (UK) were asking a while ago. Since our bodies already have the necessary apparatus (liver, lungs, kidneys and skin) to clear our body of toxins, what exactly is the benefit of following a detoxification plan?

Detoxification diets,which have become the frequent rituals of many celebrities and supposedly aim to help us lose weight, banish cellulite and bloating and make us feel healthy and glowing. By making temporary “detox” dietary changes and taking various products and supplements, the body is encouraged to expel its build-up of toxins, leaving us looking and feeling a million dollars.

However, according to new research, our body is already able to remove the excesses of our modern lifestyles all by itself, leaving little point for detoxing. According to the research, most of the pills, juices, teas and oils sold for their detoxifying effects have no scientific foundation for their claims, suggesting that detox diets are purely marketing fads. Scientists and dieticians argue that the benefits that many people feel from following a detox diet are most likely due to them changing what may have been a “bad” diet and focusing more on healthier eating and hydrating, rather than from ridding the body of excess toxins.

So with this in mind, perhaps we should all make a resolution to eat healthily, drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep on a continual basis, rather than hoping an occasional detox plan can fix the wrongs caused by our often less-than-satisfactory lifestyles!