Human Eye Wish to improve your memory? Well, researchers at the Manchester Metropolitan University have suggested that there is no need to use memory pills to boost one’s brain power. In stead, just shifting your eyes from side to side horizontally will do the trick.

The researchers reported this is the journal Brain and Cognition, saying that shifting eyes for just 30 seconds daily is enough to boost one’s memory.

Lead author Dr. Andrew Parker and his colleagues carried out an experiment on a group of volunteers and asked them to undertake eye exercise tests. They found that the students were able to recall more words they have studied previously.

The researchers say that the shifting eye and memory link may be explained as the right and left hemispheres of the brain interact more efficiently when eyes are shifted horizontally.

“This could be important in situations where we feel uncertain unclear or maybe even just confused about what we may have done or said. It may help someone recall an important piece of information for an exam or for a shopping list,” Dr. Parker said.

“One reason for this is that bilateral eye movements may improve our ability to monitor the source of our memories,” Dr Parker explained. “Bilateral eye movements may help us to determine accurately the source of our memory.”

The study also found that shifting eyes reduced the recall of false memory and assisted in the recall of true memory.