Grilled Meat Experts have said that those who live on grilled meats have an increased risk of developing cancer.

Elizabeth Schaub, a registered and licensed dietician on the medical staff at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano, has claimed that eating grilled meats too often can boost the chances of cancer.

‘Grilling is a low-fat method of cooking. But we have to be aware that it can increase our risk of cancer if we eat grilled meats too often,’ says Schaub.

Schaub said that the juicy burgers, particularly the charred ones, are likely to contain cancer-causing carcinogens.

‘When you grill meat some of the fat does drip down on to the charcoal and when fat meets that really high temperature it develops a carcinogen and the smoke carries the carcinogen back up to the meat which can be dangerous for our bodies,’ explains Schaub.

However, Schaub suggested that one way to grill safer is to simply avoid burning or roasting meats. She said that cooking food longer at lower temperatures is best the best alternative.

‘To also cut down on carcinogens you can decrease the amount of time that the food is actually on the grill. Precook the meat in either the oven or the microwave then finish it up on the grill just to give it a little bit of crispness and a little bit of flavor,’ Schaub says.

‘Skinless chicken or lean beef or pork. Decreasing the amount of fat that’s able to drip down onto the coals also will decrease your carcinogens,’ she adds.

And finally, Schaub explained that its just meat cooked on the grill, not other foods, that can form cancer-causing chemicals.

‘You really don’t get carcinogen development when you grill fruits and vegetables and those can be a nice, flavorful accompaniment to a low-fat piece of meat for a meal,’ adds Schaub.

Everyday, we have newer and newer studies proving that just about everything edible is not good for one’s health. Okay, well, all the delicious foods are proving to be harmful to human health.